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Love these pants. I'm a bigger guy (Not fat, but not pencil thin like a lot of riders I see) I usually wear L or XL in most board pants that I buy, but after reading reviews and seeing the word "slim", I figured I'd go for the XXL. This is the first pair of slim snowboard pants that I own that don't death-grip my legs! The XXL is actually way big on me but I like the roominess without the extra material that most regular snowboard pants bring. I could defiantly fit into the XL's but want to layer up and sag a tiny bit. If you're a bigger dude (in comparison to most riders) I'm 6'1 and usually wear a 36-38 pants and the XXL of these are huge, so there is something for you to compare to.

Pants-wise: The material is thin but warm. Has a little bit of stretch and give; similar to what you would get from a softshell pant without being a softshell. It's summer, so I'll have to wait and see how they do in the snow!


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These pants are sick! They look like a pair of black denim skinny jeans but they are function-able in the snow! I was concerned that they would look funky fitting over the boot, but they fit just fine and give a slightly baggy look around the foot so it doesn't look like they are too short or too small.

The only thing I had a problem with is that I have thick thighs and although they say "slim-ish" they are a slim-fit pants so I had to return my pair for a size up. But if you're pretty thin, you should be fine.

They don't have a ton of stretch so be weary of ripping them if you're gonna be running around or something like that. But the construction is nice. Haven't been able to take them out on extremely cold days or on slushy days, so no comment yet there, but I would recommend a light-mid underlayer if you are going to take them out between 15-25 degrees (F).

All in all, awesome pants!


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This thing is sweet. The material feels durable and it looks sexy. Skateboard/snowboard carry has great velcro unlike some of the other packs I've used. I like the magnetic top/lunchbox. It's way better than the flap over that just sits there some other packs have.The product name says black but it's actually brown like the picture shows. A few things I wish they would have changed/included... 1) More zipped pockets. On the entire pack, there are a lot of pockets, but only 3 of them actually zip (1 being on the magnetic lunchbox part). So if you're in for a bumpy ride, things might fall out of place. 2) Two individual waist straps that buckle in the middle. It has a one strap waist strap that, when unclipped, hangs down on one side and looks weird so I ended up just removing it when I'm not riding.

Overall, it's a sick pack and it's worth the money.


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This thing is sickkkkkk. I bought it sort of for fun just as something to joke around with but it has actually been a lot more than that. It keeps your face nice and warm on those cold days, especially when it's windy. This thing is defiantly an attention getter as well and it puts those other beard look-a-likes to shame! The only downside is the beard is a yarn type material and sometimes gets caught in the Velcro and zipper of my jacket but that's user error =P. Also, not great for anything above 30F, youll be sweating balls withing a few runs. Worth the investment if you're out in the cold a lot!