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4 5

I just got this hat on sale from Dogfunk in the mail yesterday. I like it but I like the Goorin's Landon Fedora I also got better so I'm wearing that one today.

This hat has a nice solid feel to it that none of my other hats have. Looks like it could take a bit of permanent damage if it gets sat on though. Colour is great and the little feather is neat. The brim is a bit too long for my taste if wearing with the upturned style that this hat normally has, however you can flip the front of the brim down to look like a regular fedora/trilby which I think is a better look for this particular hat and it will hold in this position really good. Tapping on the brim didn't flip it back to it's normal position so it's versatile in that you can wear the hat with two different styles.


5 5

I had bought another model of the same hat in a Medium based on measurements from Goorin's sight, and that I normally wear medium Goorin hats. the medium wasn't even closed to fitting. I ended up giving it to my girlfriend and bought this one in an extra large. Despite what the measurment says don't listen, if you normally wear medium hats from Goorin, Coal, Brixton, Nixon, or Billabong a MEDIUM of this hat WILL NOT FIT go with an EXTRA LARGE.

Plus at little over $20 this hat is a steal.


4 5

This hat has a bit of blue pinstripe worked in, it's a really nice hat but the brim is a little bigger than you'd think. Looks really nice, but it isn't my favourite hat. Still recommended though.


2 5

This is a pretty coo hat that deserves a higer rating. It only gets two stars because Dogfunk seems to have a problem that they ship this hat in a box that is too small that deforms the hat. They sent me a new one after I contacted them but the replacement was sent in the exact same box and the exact same deformities occurred.