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Gold coast longboards are very low quality. The boards come with very generic passable bearings and wheels, and the trucks straight up suck. many of the gold coast longboards come stock with century trucks(some new boards have paris), these trucks can barely turn and dont provide a fun smooth ride. You can switch up the bushings to venom or divine, but the trucks still arent good. the deck itself is cheap and plain, passable for cruising short distances. overall dont waste your money on these decks, dogfunk also has similar boards made by sector 9 and arbor that are similar price wise, but are good quality.


well its cheap, and it looks like a pretty sweet little deck. sector 9 is reliable. mission trucks arent the best carvers or bombers, 61 mm wheels will be slow and bumpy compared to larger wheels. however it looks portable, and its way faster than a skateboard. idk if ur looking for a short carving deck you cant beat the derringer 28, or the apex 34 for all around. smaller ones would be the humu, or landyachtz dingy. i gues "worth it" all boils down to what your looking for.

i agree with nate marcus, century trucks suck. they dont turn unless u loosen them alot. and im 90% sure after riding them that the bushings are made of plastic. just like free skateboard trucks at walmart. second, gold coast makes really generic decks. i wouldnt drop 180 on this. sector 9 makes better decks and they hook their decks up with gullwing trucks which are usually pretty good.

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pretty pricey for what ur getting. Im cautious on giving this 4 stars but honestly its pretty good all over. i would not recomend for carving contrary to what christoph says, but all over a good DH board.


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pretty cheap for a longboard and good quality. stable, decent carving when loosened. a bit heavy. hmmm what else ohh, the concave top gives a nice grip on turns. i can keep going but really pretty much only good things to say about this board besides weight. not the best board out their for carving, bombing, tricks, sliding but it carves and bombs well enough to be someones first board or just a somewhat cheap (but good quality) addition to a quiver.


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I bought this board for 60$ and its meh at best. the deck is pretty stiff and has good shape however it really doesnt have grip tape, just some salt like stuff that looks like it was glued on by a third grader. also when i got the board the wheels barely spun (this is because they cranked down on the nuts holding the wheels on which is pretty dumb) so i loosend it up to find out it was tightened to hide that the bearings sucked (they lied when they labeled it abec 3)and were even a bit loose on the axle which makes a racket when u move ( just like an ancient rusty skateboard) the wheels are some crappy golden caost brand but i dont really care. lasty ive never ridden century trucks before but after riding this board ive come to the conclusion that they are pretty sub par. in conclusion (finally) dont buy this board for anything more then 60$ if at all!! if your looking for a board cheap cuz ur a penny pincher or its ur first board then look towards sector 9, not my first choice but they sell alot of boards for around 150 and their charger trucks are pretty nice, wheels and bearings are reliable and the decks (although nothing special) have actual grip tape. send any questions on boards my way (and if i see it i will do my best to answer)