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I bought these for running because I'm tired of my earbuds falling out all the time, but these are about the same. They fall out just as much as my cheap-o ones, if not more. If I hadn't bought them cheap on S&C, I would return them.

Otherwise, they sound fine. They just didn't actually "fix" my problem. Also - they don't say which is for the right and left ear, but I found that they fall out equally no matter which way I put them in. I will be forever indebted to whoever actually solves this problem!


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These are some nice looking boots. They look soft, warm, and well-made. Based on other reviews, I was prepared for some funky fitting situations, but I got them on S&C and was prepared to deal with pretty much anything because I wanted them so bad.

Most of the boot fit perfectly, but for some reason the heal is like twice as wide as the rest of the boot and my heal slipped out with every step. It was really weird because the rest of it fit very well (just a little snug, which is good because I know they stretch) but I couldn't get over the heal thing. I was really disappointed. It seems like a really weird way to make boots, because I can't imagine what type of foot that would fit.

These should definitely be tried on in a store before buying online.


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As a petite women, this was definitely a bad fit for me. The straps seem designed for a man, so I'll be returning it. I have a short torso, so maybe a taller women would have better luck. I didn't knock too many stars off because it seemed really well made and I loved the amount of space - just enough for a sandwich and keys. If it had fit, I would have kept it in a heartbeat.