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I love this jacket, however I primarily wear it as a casual apres-boarding jacket. This is really just a sweatshirt, there is no "fleece" to be found. The pockets are secure and there are only two on the outside front. It's also pretty light, so it'd have to be really warm for me to wear it snowboarding. I haven't tested the water repellentness yet but have a hard time believing that is going to be true. It's also a bit more snug fitting around the hips/butt that I don't think it would suit snowboarding as much as casual wear.
But if you are looking for a super cute, casual comfy jacket that everyone compliments - go for it!


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I really love my new boots. They felt a bit small but i took them to a store to ensure proper fit and they complimented the purchase and said that they will naturally mold to my feet after a few rides. They are super warm even without adding toe warmers to the cool hidden pocket.
Super easy to lace these boots up and get the perfect fit.

I only gave it 4 stars because there was a defect in the lining that made it jut out uncomfortably into my foot. I'm hoping with time it works itself out, otherwise I should be able to trim it.

But I get tons of compliments on them :)


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This watch is so cute and a perfect fit size for my little wrists. The links were easy to take out for the perfect fit. I like how the clasp is invisible but easy to take on and off.

I docked one star because somehow it picked up a very slight shade of pink (i got the white one) from something red (no clue what). It still looks great, just something I notice, not others.