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It is nearly impossible to bend over in this skirt in a manner that is at all ladylike. It's too short for the straight-legged bend and if you try to squat down the shape of it will ride up and show your skivies. Bottom line: anything you drop on the floor must be abandoned.


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This boots kick ass, especially after you take them to the shop to get molded to your feet. If they are a bit snug they can put this piece over your toes to kind of stretch them during the molding process. I agree with the other poster that these boots are really made for ladies with narrow feet, which works out great for me. They are snug in all the right places.


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These socks feel great until you've been on the mountain a few hours. After that time, it starts to feel like they are made of tiny razor blades, mercilessly tearing the skin off the balls of your feet. My feet were on fire and I had to quit that day early to tend to open wounds. To their credit, my feet stayed warm and didn't stink, but the tradeoff I more than I am willing to sacrifice. I'll still wear the socks, just not up on the hill.

I have several pairs of socks from a certain Vermont-based snowboard company that have performed flawlessly. I recommend those.