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My feet get cold easily and so I wanted to get some booties to wear around the house and lounging on the couch but didn't want a sole or footbed (think of a really thick sock instead of sandals/slippers and you'll know what I'm looking for) so I go these. They work well at keeping your feet warm but look a bit bulky understandably. For me personally, every now and then it would feel like there was too much material near the center of the sole but not enough around the perimeter. When I would walk, I would feel a slight pressure that was unevenly distributed. Again, this wouldn't happen all the time, but I would notice it now and then. This is probably due to it's construction and the location of the seams more than anything.

The inner lining isn't to my liking. It's made up of some polyester fleece lining I think that makes it a bit itchy and makes my feet feel clammy. I remediated this by wearing a thin pair of socks.

They also need some better quality control or something when making these.. My right bootie looks like it be belongs on my left foot. Walking around on these on anything other than carpet makes this sticking sound like taking a bit of clear packaging tape, sticking it to the floor, and taking it off again.

I echo what others have said about the sizing issues these have. I wear an 8.5 men's and got an XXL.

In conclusion.. Overall, I don't know how I feel about these.. They work well enough but I'm also on the fence about returning these..


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Got these for the season and have taken them out for a couple of snowboarding sessions already. I'll state ahead of time that I'm still relatively new and am still learning the sport so take that into consideration.

I easily get cold compared to the majority of people and so typically my extremities tend to get really cold really quick but these gloves kept my hands from freezing up in below freezing weather down till about 20F with no sun out. Any further than that, typically near the end of the day with the sun going down, my hands started to feel the cold creeping in a bit. I could tell when the temp started dropping because it would seem like the leather on the glove would start to get a bit stiff. (Note: For reference of how cold it was, the fog in my goggles that would typically be cleared out going down was freezing.)

Gore-tex was awesome and kept my hands completely dry on the inside even if the outside of the glove was a bit damp/wet. My friends were complaining that their hands were freezing because theirs were wet, cold, and frozen but not me.

If you take your hands out for a couple mins to check your phone or whatnot, the gloves lose their heat. Putting your hands back into the glove after taking them out makes them feel a bit clammy for the first minute or so but after that, it completely goes away and your hands warm up again.

Also, I never felt like my hands were getting extremely hot nor were they sweating but were the perfect temperature and completely dry. Again, this may be due to my cold nature so your experience could be different.

Can't speak very much for the durability as of yet because I haven't snagged onto any branches or anything but for regular/casual use, they're perfect. The fit for me was perfect using their measurements. Their goggle wipe was a bit of a wasted feature, didn't use it very much and the handful of times I did I personally didn't see a difference. It may have been because I wasn't using it correctly. Overall this was a great glove and completely satisfied what I was expecting out of it.