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whoever designed this kit should get the nobel prize. I was skeptical at first but after putting mine together i was hooked. granted i was a cabinet maker for 7 years and have access to shop, this is still something anyone can do in their garage. the instructions are pretty good but there are a few things that i would suggest doing that that don't specify or really emphasize very well. The obvious is to be as precise as possible...use a sharp punch to mark your holes, then use a small drill bit to drill through, then use a forstner bit on the back side for the t nut, then drill out small hole out with the correct size so the t-nut shaft will fit through. it is an extra step but it will make it that much more precise. the 2 biggest things that i would suggest you do are #1- rough up the bottom of the t-nuts before installing. use sandpaper or whatever to take the galvanized sheen off and leave a rough surface. this will help prevent the epoxy or whatever you use to fill t-nut holes on the bottom from chunking off and sticking to your skins. #2 BEFORE you use the sticker templates for mounting your hardware, epoxy the cut edges of your board. i personally prefer to do two coats on the cut edge. after the first coat take 10"+ block with a 180ish grit sandpaper mounted to whole length of it and sand smooth. i then apply a very light second coat to make sure it is sealed really well then lightly sand out any highspots. if you expoxy the edge after you mount your hardware then your width and spacing will change slightly and you may have problems.
in any case, this is a great kit and i highly recommend it!



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Tractor skins are the obviously the best choice for splitboard touring. i personally like the cheat sheets and use them because it makes pulling your skins apart a hundred times easier and far outweighs the hassle of having "extra" stuff to keep track of. They are super durable and i expect them to last a long time. i also have never had a problem with them ends not sticking to the bottom of the board/ski, but then again i have made sure not to let the end of the skin get dunked in the snow and make sure the board is wiped clean before applying. but if i do ever end up having a sticking problem i will for make the tail mod mentioned by tyler and niel below(thanks dudes). So throw your snow shoes away and get voile tractor skins...you won't regret it!

no complaints!


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these shades are almost perfect except for the metal accent on the side (3 shiny pyramids). i wasn't a fan so i carefully sanded them down flat and painted them black (black/grey)to color match. super fresh glasses if you like the classic rayban wayfarer look, but would prefer a fresh spin on that vintage look