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My hands are always cold. There is not a glove in the world that will keep my hands warm enough, so I turn to mittens. I wore these mittens last season for about 100 days in Montana, from cold to warmish. I am a snowboard instructor, so my gloves get a lot of use taking bindings on and off of myself and students. These mittens held up very well, with little wear on the leather and my hands were warm on all but the coldest Montana days (-10 degrees and colder). On really cold days, I put a hand warmer inside and was good to go. There is no internal glove in these mittens, so the hand warmer works well. I'm buying another pair for this season just in case my others wear out!


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I picked these up off of Brociety and was pretty stoked the color and fabric. I got the tomato/orange color, and it is reasonably true to the photo on the site, but not shiny at all as they appear in the photo.

This is my second pair of Holden pants, and over all I am pleased with them. I am new to the snug snowboard pants style and can only handle wearing them once or twice a week. These fit well overall, but could be a little bigger in the thigh and smaller in the waist. I feel like the legs are very tight on me and the waist gaps. I can't wear them without a belt.

There are lots of nice details, the DWR held up well on a slushy spring day, and I got quite a few compliments. Overall, recommended.