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Took this puppy out this morning! Water was about 50...overcast skies with some drizzle!

GLoves and booties on...no cap!!! I felt like a baked potato in this thing! No flushing what so ever...shoulder to head high swell!

Tried the Oneil Psycho 3...techno butter tech is pretty legit but I found its to loose and doesnt stay tight to the skin after a few surfs in one day which let to serious flushing in arms, neck and legs.

The Drylock on the other had a little trickier to get into but kept me super dry and warm! Stoked to see how it lasts as winter continues into the spring!


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Bought this baby on Whiskey for 399.99. Im 6'3 200 lbs...the biggest option was the 5'11!

Took her out the other day in about shoulder to chest high waves with some wind chop.

This board is 2.75" thick at its fattest which floated me well. Kept me up out of the water fairly well. Easy to get into waves...handles real well up and down the wave very snappy.

Only qualm is when it shipped the box was beat half to dealth...only one crack in the side rail about a foot up from the tale. Easily sanded down and filled. I've read mixed things about shipping boards from whiskey and dog funk!

Anywho board floats, paddles and rides well even for my size!


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Bought this suite brand new from O'Neill in Santa Cruz...lasted me about 10 surfs before the glue seals around the chest, stomach and thighs started to peel back...not to mention the cratch blew out pretty quick as well...

On the other hand this suite amazed me when surfing cold waters sunny or overcast....kept me super warm...alot lighter than a traditional 4/3 suite for sure...

Also, drys farley quickley and easy to get in and out of of once you have broken the baby in...I dont feel bad for buying this suite seeing as though I got a pro-form deal.

Kept me really warms and mobile in the water...but poor manufactureing lead me to believe this suit will only last a half season before you are leaking!!!