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I've been riding a bigger (164+) Burton board the last 3 seasons because I crave back bowls and deep untouched pow. Caught this board on a 99$ clearance and well I cant say enough good things about how fun it is to ride.

Super forgiving and easy to adjust before you eat cake.
Tonnz of Pop - in everything from ice to the fresh heavy pow you hit even a small jump and its like "oh hey.. I guess I'm grabbing and hanging ten" and then the landing is super smooth even if you are not quite so.
Fast and easy to control - this board is easy to control while going pretty fast carving and catching air through huge moguled glades.

After 1 season of heavy use my Manual 56 is pretty beat up. In comparison my Burton board (although in a much higher price range) has taken a lot more wear and been beaten to hell while falling through cornices, down rock faces, and other epic wipeouts.. but it does not show nearly as general wear.

So if you are looking for an awesome board that is a blast to ride and dont mind it being burned out after maybe 2 seasons of heavy riding you will love this board.


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I've had these boots (2007 model) and used them a great deal each season. They hold up, keep your feet warm, dry, and are so comfy you forget your wearing snowboard boots when walking to the slopes.

Super fast to put on/bind up you leave everyone with laces in the dust.

The Liner is starting to become a little warn but you would expect that after the amount of use I've put them through in 3 years.


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These gloves look pretty nice, are comfy and the sleeves can be tightened down easily. They come with paste to rub into the leather and seems to water proof it, that requires 24 hours to cure. I was not surgical with the application which resulted in discoloration in any non-leather areas of the glove. (especially around seems where the fabric meets leather) The smell from the waterproofing paste is pretty strong, and even after 2 months of use I feel like I cant touch my face or I'll have the smell in my nose for hours.

For the price I would expect these gloves to be a lot better. I've had several pairs of Burton gloves from mid/high price range and these are by far the best, but still leave wanting for something better.

The gloves come with a liner for use in extra cold weather but you might want to size up if you plan to use the liner. While I've plenty of room in in the gloves without the liner, with the liner my curculation was poor resulting in my hands getting really really cold.

So far these gloves have kept my hands warm (coldest use 18F) and dry. Not tested in deep powder or rain yet but I expect they will perform ok.

While I'm not about to trash these gloves and get some others, I would not recommend them.


5 5

This bag is light, has plenty of space for lunch, drinks, camera, and then some. Its so comfortable you forget you even have pack on while climbing to those off piste peaks in search of untouched powder.

After heavy use this bag looks like new still, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a day pack for the mountain.


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These gloves look really sweet but they are not.

They were super ripped up after just 1 day of riding.

By ripped, up - the fingers were all frayed horribly, the gloves looked like they looked like they had over 3 seasons heavy use in just that 1 day.

They did keep my hands warm even when it was in the high 20s AND are not at all water proof. Each night I would have to sit them out by the fire to dry so I would not have soaked gloves the next day.

Also the gauntlet is very much non-existent, its not long enough to cover much at all and certifiably not keep the snow out of your sleeves.

They do have thick leather palms which offer a lot of protection from stuff like very sharp branches that may come up out of nowhere at you.


5 5

I use this laptop bag for work. Its a comfy snugg fit to my back when I'm on my motorcycle. Nothing falls out even when your absent minded like me and forget to zip up the laptop portion. Fits a lot inside! I sometimes carry a 17" widescreen and a 15" laptop as well as notebooks/binders/etc and there is still room for plenty more.

My biggest complaint is the lack of camel toe. But once you get past that its a great all around, very heavy ware bag. I suspect this will last for a good few years.