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Good boots so far. Took the hiking almost the first weekend I had them (no blisters) and have had them in the pouring rain out in the field (work construction). Break in period was short, buddies had boot envy, and they are a lot more breathable then the leather Asolos I had previously. The boot to sole separation issue is one I'll keep an eye on because it happen to my last Asolos. Kudos to BC for filing me under their old return policy so I could get back to rocking some kick @$$ boots.


3 5

I can honestly say I put my shoes through hell and back, from working in the field in construction to 10+ mile backpacking trips. Bought in 2010, the bottom sole eventually came loose as others have pointed out. Hats off to BC for honoring old return policy. Got a credit but now they're out of stock. Probably wouldn't go back with same pair but looking at Asolo again. Doesn't breathe terrible well (too obvious?) and definitely water proof. Just get the sole issue figured out and these babies get 5 stars to the moon and back. Did I mention BC is awesome? Just be mindful the NEW return policy.


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I guess I'm just a little taken back by all the positive reviews. I agree these are a stylish classic. But coming from someone who has owned Natives and Costa's I'm a little disappointed. The arms pop off frequently which may seem like a handy feature (as opposed to breaking) but I have wonder how long it will be before the balls break down and they come off all the time. With that being said, the arms are cheap plastic, the lenses really aren't that great. I get bad glares. I guess its expensive to be cool these days but I'd take my money elsewhere if I could do it again.