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I rode Burton Motos before this and was looking for a stiffer boot to take my riding to the next level. On every level this boot is incredible. The new speed lace system gets better every year and this is the best yet. Super quick getting in and even easier getting out. I dont even bother loosening the boots on my break. The boot itself is super responsive, supportive and has does a good job of dampening the vibrations. No problem with warmth either. Matter of fact, it steams after a hard days of riding!

The only other things I can say is that the boot has ALOT of room in the toe box, both side to side and up and down. It doesnt affect the responsiveness though. The smaller footprint of these boots should not make you get a smaller binding size, as others had asked before.


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Im a big fan of k2 snowboards so I thought I'd give the boots a shot. It was super convenient to get in and out of the boots with the BOA and it allows for the micro adjustments so it hugs your foot perfectly. The harshmellow dampening definitely does it job of cutting out the chatter when in crud. However, it also reduces feedback to the rider. It depends on what you dig from a boot - dampening or feedback.

At this point, I wouldve given the boots 4 stars... until i wanted to get out of my boots at the end of the day. The BOA lace got stuck and I had to struggle to get my foot out for over 30 minutes. I was even considering going over to ski patrol so they can extricate me from my boot. It got a 1 way ticket back to backcountry. Good product but the BOA system needs some work. This should never happen.