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Its been a while since I have used skullcandys and I must say I am not dissapointed. The headphones block out outside noise very well, so well you will find yourself only using one bud at a time. Then there is the sound quality, as for the music as a whole it sounds much deeper than with other speakers like on a iHome or things like that. The bass is also good, not exceptional, but better than most buds that carry a simiar price tag. These buds can also crank the tunes loud without the annoying rattle that comes from other headphones. I have also used them skiing a couple times and have never heard a difference in the sound quality or had problems with the buds falling out of my ears. Altogether a good buy for some one that listens to music fairly often (about three hours a day is how much I use them) and needs something with more kick.

I would give them 5 stars but the bass just is not perfect. Again in no way is the bass bad, it just is not the best I have heard.


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These jeans are awsome. I'v never had a pair of stretch pants and was plesently surprised, it makes moving so much easier! I know that sounds dumb but the difference is astounding! The only thing I have problems with the big waist but that is what belts are for.


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This coat is the best jacket I'v ever had. And along with the bozung pants it makes one of the sickist outfits I'v ever seen. Also there is like 10 pockets on the jacket, not the 5 dogfunk claims. This jacket is TALL, I'm 5'9" and a large of this coat reaches more than half way down my theigh, which can be good or bad depending on your style. Also, the insulation in amazing, keeps me warm in Montana's -20 days up on the hill.

Hint hint... the secret pocket isn't really secret