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I bought this board at the beginning of last year. I've probably been riding ~15 days with it.

A little background. I have been riding for about 8 years, 25 years old now. I ride all mountain, but like parks...rails and jumps. I'm not about to get sponsored, but i dabble...

This board is awesome if your looking for a fun deck to mess around with. I ride in the east, so all there is to ride is sub par parks and groomers. I ride with mostly skiiers (i know i know) who don't do much park, so i find myself buttering around groomers most of the day. Board works great in all types of snow conditions. Ice, chord, park, all good. I used to ride a Forum Peter Line, around 2005 year.... its a very different board. This thing rocks on boxes and rails. Only negative i can tell you is it is not the most stable board landing bigger jumps. I have found countless times if you land a little in the backseat you slip out VERY quickly. I have seen from videos my friends shoot of the board flexing like a bananna on landings. Its not the boards fault, its just the design of the semi-rocker (aka flat kick). The board is also not amazing at high speeds, and feels a little squirly, but then again its not an alpine board. All in all Its a great board to ride and is super fun to mess around on. Oh and the graphics are pretty dope too.. I'll post a pic later.


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I'm writing this while wearing my Boston Bruins hoodie that just came in the mail. My first impression is wow, this is a cheap hoodie. I've owned several other nomis hoodies and find that they are awesome.. so when i saw these hockey hoodies come out i was fired up to see they included my team's colors. I am pretty dissapointed though. The hoodie itself is made out of cotton, and feels pretty similar to a cheap long sleeve tee shirt after it's been washed and dried too many times. The colors are ok, but the hoodies appear nicer in the video thats attached to this than in real life. the fit is also pretty slim. I'm 6'1" and about 180, i ordered the large and it feels a pinch too snug. All and all, this hoodie would be good at around $60. But paying $90 for just an "ok" hoodie? sorry to say this is going to be my first (and hopefully last) dogfunk return.

Just alright


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i got these in the mail a month ago.. while i have not worn them shredding yet, they seem VERY heavy and VERY warm. quality pants...got a good amoount of sag/ baggieness to them (i got a large)

we'll see how thse hold up on the slopes, but i'm digging them right now