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I'm wearing the Dizzark right now. I've got the Poor Boy and the MJ stretch, and I just ordered the Skrilla Stretch from Whiskey for $28 10 days shipping- I'll get it in less than 4 days. They bomb.

I LOVE THIS SHIT. Matix holds it down. Best jeans for skate or casual. Get Matix stretch and dial that stair set- since you can finally move your legs.

Matix= wtf. For the win.


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So I've got the 2007-2008 and think the only difference between these new guys is the B3 gel cushioning- which they dont need, but obviously wont hurt- and the new style.
I love mine. They have been ridden only a hand full of times now and are some of the most comfortable boots I've worn. Didn't need that week of breaking in at all.

12 years, and only 4 pairs of boots = I like my shit to last. These will.


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Nice sound, no doubt. Having them around your neck so your homies can hear across a quiet room is pretty cool coming from a foldable, non-durable mostly janky pair of headies.
If they didnt fold, and had the iCon's double band they'd be like the iCon's older, doper, more comfy brother. But they don't fit well enough to stay on yur head, so why bother doing anything withem. Only good for groms and wannas. Laptops and soccer mommies listening to their son's favorite rap track.

Maybe I'll sport em on the Mt. just to see if they last.