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after getting hacked off with tradional bindings and the time spent strapping in each day, i decided to give these a try. in truth, the problems with these started almost immediately. 1st off was the 'universal' top strap. when set up in the 'round the toe' position (instead of over the toe) the strap only really goes over the tip of the boot (neither holding it down or pulling it back). the strap (on both bindings) would then, after only 1 run, slip off the toe, but due to the metal 'strap-postioning' clip, would then leave the toestrap almost sticking up. 2nd up was the small metal thing stopping the cable coming out the mechanism. it is far too flimsey. 1 got bent very easily & is impossible to straighten. with this now bent, the cable would come out of its housing everytime the highback was released (i.e. b4 getting on a chair). this would then mean taking a glove off everytime to hold it back in place while re-engaging the highback with the other hand, after getting off the chair. very annoying! the only way to fix this was to perminantly 'tie' the bent piece in position with a cable-tie. problem solved, but the highback can then no longer be laid fully flat 4 packing away. (unless i cut the cable-tie & then redo again). 3rd problem, and by far the worst, was when 'popping/ollieing' off rollers etc, the rear/left (goofy rider) highback, would release itself! as i'm sure u can imagine, this is highly dangerous, as my back foot would now be free to come straight out of the binding (which it was likely to do as i would be pulling up on the binding to cause the 'pop') when this happens at high speed off a roller, a huge wipeout is gonna happen sooner or later. all these add up to an unhappy and worried rider.