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I demoed this board last year. Ultra forgiving. Very ground spinny and buttery. Very soft. Pretty good for powdery moguls.

Sucks for carving. Sucks for even medium speeds.

Check out the Fix. I demoed that too and it seems to be better for what you want. But it depends on what you mean by "large kickers". You can't always have the best of all worlds.

Banana's are not good for large jumps where you spin. Or if you go really fast.

They tend to wash out or overspin if you don't land perfectly. But if you're doing something under 30 foot, and maybe just slow spins, it's not that bad. But I can do a ground 180 at high speeds and with a stiff camber board it locks on to stop your rotation. The banana tends to be less stable and can wash out more easily. But it's more forgiving so it will overspin instead of putting you on your face like the stiff camber board (which happened to be a Lib Tech Dark Series).

I measured my 2010 Skate Banana and it looks like it's 4-5 degrees. Though the base seems to not be that "flat" cross-section wise. It's convex. Not sure if it's intentional but when I lean it on the table edge and put a piece of paper there, the base at the edges move away from the paper a little. Try it youself and you can even tape the piece of paper on the table and use a ruler to flush the edges and then draw lines onthe paper. Then use a protractor to measure the lines. If you can see the "flush" easily, tape an LED light to the board below the table and then you can see easier at what angle your (opaque) ruler flushes the edge. A steel ruler is best because it doesn't deform like plastic when you press it hard on the snowbaord edge.

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I just tried this board on rained out icy frost that felt like concrete when you punch it. This board grabs the icy surface and doesn't slip out. You can skid pretty much like you would do on a regular trail and also be confident you can stop where you want to.

At low speeds you can practically carve the ice hard snow. It turns on a dime when you lean on it and hooks right into the carve. I think it has to do with the magnetraction and perhaps a little in combination with the banana shape.

The banana shape also makes it easy to spin to ride switch. And this board rides exactly the same in both directions. Ground spins just flow like as if the board is reading your mind and you actually have to catch up to it to prevent overdoing it.

It is also pretty easy to hold a press for a long time on this board without that much effort.


I would go for the T Rice for more all mountain. Or the Dark Series for more groomers. The T Rice will work better for powder and the Dark Series will turn faster. This board will go fast good, but not as good as the ones mentioned.

But these 2 boards are a lot different feeling from the un inc. The TRS is not as "big of a leap" in feel.

Oh, also, the Skunk Ape does sound like something that might suit you too. It's what used to be called the "Hard Carving Freestyle" boards which is basically a direction all mountain board. I rode previous years' HCFS and the DS before and I can definately say that going in a single direction and carving...the Skunk Ape "should" be better if it's still sort of the same specs. The DS does faster edge transitions and rides switch better though.

The TRS is a good riding board that's like this board but a bit stiffer and more geared toward riding.

That guy up there suggested the T-Rice and Dark Series but those are actually expert boards with the T-Rice being more geared toward riding directionally and the Dark Series more of a terrain park massive hit machine. At least that's what they are designed arround. You can do whatever you want with them of course but if you feel you will advance fast and become an expert rider soon, then there aren't too many boards that can compare to the TR and DS.

Hello??? He's NEW to boarding! The T-Rice is an advanced all mountain bomber and the Dark Series is "agressive freestlye" designed for launching off 60 foot booters!

Anyways, those C2BTX boards are WAY too stiff for learn on. I hear the banana is easy to learn on since the rocker makes you catch less edges. But the SB is still kinda stiff so you can do all mountain riding on it. The only thing that makes it a "park" board is the twiness and the rocker it seems. As it's more like a versatle board.

There are lots of banana park boards out there, but the SB is just popular as a "park board" because it was originally marketed as "easy to press" etc.