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Wore this sucker on the cold mountain in VT last weekend. It's the new model where you can pull the face part down to breathe easier and pull in up into place when you need the extra protection from the cold. It's just a light poly fabric with no liner so it doesn't have that nice comfy feeling against your face like some other facemasks, but it did the job of keeping my face from freezing, and also protected my head (I shave it)under my helmet.

Overall pretty cool. If the part that you could pull up over your face were fleece lined (or the whole thing was) it would be perfect.

As for the smell, I threw it in the wash when I got it and had no issues.


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I've tried on plenty of helmets over the years trying to find one that didn't make me look ridiculous or feel like.. well feel like I was wearing a helmet. This is one of the ONLY ones I've ever tried that accomplishes both (the only other one was the RED Mutiny.

I can't get over how light this thing is. As said by other reviewers, you dont even feel like you are wearing a lid it is so light. And it looks very good on my peanut shaped head. I used to have a Bern Macon - this one crushes it in terms of weight and looks.

I've worn it with Oakley A-Frames and Crowbars and both fit well.

It also has removable inner padding sections, so you can wear it without a beanie (pads in), or with one (pads out) and you get the same feel and fit as long as the beanie is a regular sized one and not just a liner.


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Pros: Unbelievably light. Can baerly tell it's on when it's on. Plenty of removable pads inside that cover air holes and provide room for hats/gogs etc. Magnetic goggle clip is pretty cool as well. Overall I liked the look well enough, but I find that the helmets with a bit of shaping/brim on the front tend to look less bulky. This one ends a bit high on my head so doesn't look as nice as some of the others I've tried. Since they will all give enough protection, for me it comes down to which helmet makes me look the least like The Great Gazoo (that's a bobble head look for you kids out there), and this one was not it for me. Miuns that one tiny personal thing, it's a kickass helmet though.