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I've been riding the 06 Vapor now for around 100 days, admittedly this is the older model, so Burton may have improved it.

1. It's way too stiff - I think this lessens its maneuverability and stability - especially when ripping through a tight packed tree run.

It also makes it completely unsuitable for buttering or any kind of trick that requires flex in the board.

It could be me, but I don't find that it pops well at all.

2. It doesn't hold its edge very well - so as soon as you're riding on steep, hard packed snow, you'll find that your edges start to slip out - and yes, I've had it tuned, and it still does the same thing.

3. It's flimsy. The topsheet flakes and cracks like it's going out of fashion. The die-cut on the bottom is de-laminating as well.

4. The price man. The price. What the? Who's stupid enough to pay that much. Oh... me...

Err... it's ok in the deep powder.

Bottom Line: Ride something else. Your wallet will love you. Your skill level will also love you.


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I rode Burton Cartels until December this year.

These bindings have eliminated the issues with pain and discomfort that plagued me with the Cartels.

They provide far more response and control as well. I really feel that these bindings have helped my riding to progress.

The step in system took a few days to get used to, and you need to be sure that your boots heel will fit into them. Now, I just laugh at everyone else sitting on the snow trying to put their bindings on.

I cannot recommend these bindings enough.


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The fool that sold my my previous Burton Hails mis-fitted them to me, so I was running a couple of sizes too big.

Hello world of pain.

I ended up getting a pair of girl sized Lashed boots which when paired with my Flow NXT-AT bindings have eliminated the pain that plagued me. These are super comfortable.

My only criticism of these boots are that the inner tightening system loosens pretty quickly, so I do have to re-tighten after every 5 or so runs. Other than that I wouldn't hesitate to buy 32 boots again.


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These pants are excellent. Warm, dry and all that stuff. Nice and baggy and such so you can look ultra-cool like all your other baggy clothes wearing friends.

Only complaints, they get dirty the moment you put them on. The right leg has already frayed...