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a.) it's way more "green" than I expected, at least on my computer it looked pretty blue.

b.) the green one is patterned like the black/grey one--maybe my screen just sucks but I thought it was a solid color. It's not, and the difference in the colors is pretty pronounced.

c.) fits WAY more like a standard fleece than a zip hoody--I'm between a medium and a large normally (I'm 5'8" 170ish), got a large and it's a little big for me. if I were looking for a baggy fit it'd be perfect.

That said, this thing is fire regardless. It's warm and super comfortable, and looks pretty slick despite the size issue. It's a keeper for sure.


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like, physically constricting--the cuffs especially. and it's not like I have enormous ripped guns or something either. the shirt is borderline too small in general too (I got a medium and I'm 5'8 150) so be careful of that. it's a good lookin shirt though for sure, no qualms about that.


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the collar on this thing was cut really strange, almost like a dress shirt or like it was supposed to be buttoned all the way to the top, which is something I'm positive I will never do. otherwise the patterns and coloring on the shirt are awesome. also it seems to fit kind of on the big side but not too bad, not enough so that I'd drop a full size.