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One thing the description forgot to mention is that this shirt is slim fitting and has a smaller than normal shirt-head. I have 38inch chest and am 135lbs and this shirt (size Medium) was uncomfortable. THe colors were super cool but I felt like the collar was too high & tight. I like to be comfortable in my shirts, not feel a constant clinging to my neck when I am going about my business.

I would recommend sizing up, however I'm opting to not buying again. It's too much work.


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First off, I love Spacecraft products. I own a few shirts and the RIce Bag belt from a couple years back. I was really excited to receive this belt ..... which I bought TWICE!

THe first time I received it, the color was mainly black and browns, not the awesome blends of oranges and reds and what may be a grassy scene as shown in the picture. I thought maybe this was an error or perhaps each belt was designed to be different from each other. So I figured to roll the dice again and purchase. The 2nd time around, I received a belt that was mainly black with a few smatterings of white/gray; not exactly the picturesque scene shown. If I had just gotten exactly what was in the picture, I would have rated it 5 stars. I gave it two stars because it does function as its intended use - a belt.

So if you are set on getting the belt pictured, you will be disappointed. If you are comfortable playing a game of color canvas roulette, and will keep the belt no matter the outcome, then I'm guessing you'll be satisfied.