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This board carves like a champ. Very smooth with large s curves along with quick edge to edge transitions. It's super stable at ballistic speeds on the piste. No speed wobbles. It powers through the chunky stuff. Super solid when taking off or landing kickers in the park. The camber between the bindings also helps cushion large drops or flat landings. This board is a little stiffer than I thought it would be. Way too stiff to butter. I'm not a jibber, but I'm guessing the Asym is not ideal for hitting rails, because of it's stiffness. It has a good amount of pop, but it takes a lot of pressure to initiate an ollie. It's not as playful and effortless as a rocker board. It's just okay in powder. After a day of heavy knee deep powder in Whistler, I found my back leg was very fatigued. All in all the Asym is a solid all mountain freestyle board. It's super stable and carves magnificently. However, It's a little too stiff to butter and pop effortless ollies and nollies. The true twin asymmetrical shape also results in an excellent switch riding experience.

Carving Beast, all Mountain Charger


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I wanted to love these bindings. The materials and look of the binding are superb. All of the adjustments allow for a snug fit. The wedgies are great for improved pop and shock absorption. However, Ride totally botched the "new and improved" V-strap. I had issues with the velcro on the V-strap. On my second day of riding it would not stay fastened, resulting in the V-strap becoming loose and sloppy while riding. Did Ride even test ride these bindings?

For years I've tried to test new technology in bindings. I've had two pairs of Flow's that have failed and now these Optimo's. I have finally learned to go with what works, instead of trying to save 30 seconds on the slopes with a trendy technology. Thanks to Dogfunk, I can return these bogus bindings no questions asked, and pick up a pair of Union Force SL's.