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i have rode countless boards, and it's always hard to find a wide board. Last year i went from a Ride DH2 to a Lib Tech skate banana to this board and it was amazing how much different this board is then everyone other. Flex when you want it, pop when you need it and it just goes straight without effort. Usually with reverse zero camber profiles, boards feel loose, but not in this case. By far the best bang for your buck if you are going for a freestyle/park ride. The wood grain is beautiful also.


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Well to start off, i think the whole assorted colors thing is pointless. Why do this and have possible ugly looking setups, or unhappy customers. The board is solid though. For someone transferring over to the whole BTX rocker technology from traditional camber, they will find it extremely pleasing. Everything is a little easier. I however transferred from a Ride DH2 flat rocker and honestly wasn't impressed by this board. It kinda just seemed like "blah" to me. The whole eliminating the edge from non contact points and ending it where it did i found to be a breaking point. A slight crack was forming after two rides right at that point. It could of possibly from knocking into some boxes but still.. Regarding the magna-traction though. It's quite impressive. I rode the board on hard surface and some ice and it grabbed the terrain nicely. Much better than my Ride DH2.

Bottom line is: it is a solid all around board. Its safe to do anything on.