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This is a great all mountain binding! I've been riding it for a few months now and have absolutely loved the wedgie footbeds. They enable me to ride longer with less soreness and fatigue in my knees. I'm able to use a wider stance more comfortably which has really improved my riding this season! I was worried that the toe strap wouldn't be very strong and the webbing would eventually break but there has been absolutely no noticeable wear.

I ride this binding on my GNU Park Pickle and use it as an all mountain binding. I ride the park usually two days a week and all mountain when the fresh snow hits. These bindings are not super light but they aren't what I would describe as heavy either.

The only issue I've had is the emblem on the back of the highback on one of my bindings has broken off. I don't really care, but that part was obviously not made to last very long as the plastic that connects it to the highback is very small and weak. Not enough of an issue for me to lose a star!


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I've been riding these bindings all season and I love them! They may be a bit heavy compared to other available options, but they're great for beginner to intermediate riders like myself who don't ride the park yet.

The price is good too, so they're a nice entry level binding.

One thing is certain, I'll never ride plastic again!