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These were my first pair of leather gloves. They're pretty, they're warm.

The velcro is supposed to be amazing, and function even if snow gets in it, but this was not the case... I was just riding park, and still the small amount of snow the velcro encountered kept the velcro from attaching securely. These aren't good gloves for a powder day, unless you're a total badass who never sticks your wrist in the snow.

The first time I wore them, I broke off a wrist strap, and I was disappointed that they were so shoddily made... they seem sturdy elsewise, so if you don't use wriststraps, no biggie (the wriststraps are attached by a girth hitch, they don't come connected to the gloves... the part the strap hitches to is what pulled out of the seam).


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I do everything but jib. I love this board, and I agree with the other reviews, including that the 2008 has less flex... I have the 2008, and that's my one gripe with it. I love everything else about it, tho! Holds wax great, the edges WANT to hug the snow, without catching (I never catch on this board, unless I'm being stupid), and the EST channel is super liberating. Plus it looks cool.