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Today I am writing a review on the 2013 153 Capita Ultra fear FK snowboard. I bought this board at the beginning of the season. I’ve had enough time to break it in and for me it’s one of the coolest boards I’ve owned yet. I’ve taken it through many park laps and powder days, all the days on it have been a good day.
Overall, if you’re looking for a really good park board that’s still fun on groomers and glades, this board is for you. The board was designed for freestyle, every feature Capita gave this board is meant for park. It has a flat camber between the feet for extra stability while riding, and right after the bindings it turns into a regular reverse camber board, and at the tip and tail it has Capita’s own flat kick technology which makes it really easy to butter. The base is a mix of beech and poplar wood so that it holds its edge well, has a solid pop, and still has a lot of flex. It also has an ABS rubber protective wall around the sidewall to protect the core of the board from any impact which means it’s harder to hurt your core. In addition to the ABS protective side wall you have steel edges running around the whole board to help protect your board from impact damage.
When on the snow the board feels pretty good, the technology that Capita puts in this board really does make it a great park board. On the flats its pretty fun to butter around, it’s flexible and hard to catch an edge which is always great to have on a board. When you get to the park the board allows you to spin faster because of its light weight, making tricks like 270’s on and off easier. When on rails, the shape of the board helps keep your balance on rails. It’s almost like a skateboard on the rails with the way it will lock in place while holding a grind on a rail. The really nice part about this board is that even though it’s soft and playful for buttering and rails, it’s still solid on all size jumps. Features like the flat camber and the beech- poplar mix base stomping massive airs still feels solid. Although you can feel the softness of the board when you land sometimes, it is still a good board for the jumps.
One of the down sides about this board is that it’s not the greatest in powder and tough terrain. On every powder day I’ve experienced with this board it was not quite there. It’s still light enough in the powder that you can still explore the slopes. Sadly, the nose can dip under the snow pretty easily which can be a major pain while in the middle of your zone. Due to the flexibility of the board moguls and rough terrain can be hard to keep balance. Since it has blunter edges it doesn’t cut through hard packed snow that well. So ripping up the non groomed runs can be harder than it has to depending on how icy the day is. This may have happened to me because I’m a 5’11 male on a 153 board. Either way, it was not was designed mainly for that style of riding. There is no question that this board is made for hot laps through the park all day.
The graphics on this board are perfect for what kind of board it is. Capita use’s screen printing and die cut so it has a great mix of detailed graphics and images that pop. Using this and putting the typical capita imagery makes this board awesome. When looking at the board it has quite a punk and dark feel to it. Most of the background colors on the board are darker colors, but the drawings have bright colors to them which bring attention to the awesome drawings. With a dragon ball Z character and a three eyed naked girl on the board just makes it even cooler.
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the perfect board I would give it 9. This board is one of the better park boards I have seen and had the pleasure of riding. The shape of the board is the best feature, it’s what lets this board keep its stability on the jumps while still being a board good for jibbing around the park.