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Nice jacket. Has all kinds of pulls and zips to let you adjust for a wide range of weather conditions. I was able to tighten everything down and keep warm while stuck on a chairlift for 30 minutes in high winds during a storm. And then it also works perfectly for spring riding with all the vents open. That is what I like a jacket. I like shells I can layer under (though I haven't needed to with this one) or open up.

It's a well made, nicely thought out jacket.


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These bindings are really really good. Everyone has a preference, but these are mine. The EST system rules. Rocking cantbeds in them too, so nice.

Might not think it makes a difference having your foot strapped straight to the board, but it does. Makes your whole foot the control surface rather than a layer of plastic flexing against a disk in the middle. It's the future kids, especially if Burton shares.

I like them a lot for allll types of riding, everything.

P.S. The only real difference between them and the Cartels is marketing. They have the same base, the straps are essentially the same, same ratchets (fast and easy). The high backs flex the same in the real world, and the two shapes feel the same through your boot. In a blind test you would never know the difference. Just my opinion though. Placebo effects are real, so you decide.


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If you know how to ride and carve.... this board is the closest you can get to having actual sex with a mountain. Parents need to cover their kids eyes.

So f-ing sweet. Blew my mind when I first got on it. Whatever the tech is, it is working. Kicks ass on the whole mountain, all sized kickers, the pipe, whatever you want to ride. If I was sponsored I might crack it against trees and rails like my other boards, but I ain't and I like it too much to do that to it.

If you know how to carve well; it puts you on rails. If you are not there yet, it might be sketchy. It is aggressively fast. I wouldn't recommend this kind of flex for a beginner.

Thanks dogfunk for 1st class service and a price I'll keep secret. You guys rule.


5 5

I like the comfortable fit and cushioning. The balance between flex and rigidity works for every kind of riding (at least for me). I like the regular laces (more adjustable than boas or speed laces; both of which will break if you ride enough), and they are nice and light. The heel cup in the liner has grippy finish on it to help hold your heel down - 1st class. The main outer material is also nice and tough.

One draw back is that the piping on the top of the boot is easily cut by resting your edge on it. Guess that is built in obsolescence so the douche bags who care about that kind of thing will buy another pair next year. To Burton: don't think we don't notice those lame tricks. Even though you know how to make great boots, lame things like that make you look lame.

Anyway, I'm really pleased with these boots. Been riding for a long time and have never had boots more comfortable.

By the way, to the people who write that their boots feel like skate shoes, I'd like to know what skate shoes you are wearing. There isn't a snowboard boot made that feels like a skate shoe. It's a big boot, check it again.