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I really like these. They are a little large on my narrow face, but they sit on my nose really well and are lightweight. I got the painted black ones (the arms are clear, painted black on the outside, the front frame solid black) with the brown gradient lens. Nothing fancy, but I paired them with a black croakie sunglass strap and they are awesome for just about everything. Hardly any glare off the lenses even in bright sunlight, and neat style. However, like all sunglasses with metal hinges, the arms start to swing a little loose on the front frame after a few months, but it doesn't affect performance at all. Some say these are for women, but I think they would look great on anybody's face. Had'em for over a year, and few complaints.


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This helmet's good. Looking online made it look like the perfect helmet, and I got it based on other reviews saying that it merged with the oakley a frame goggle well, which I have. The helmet does go with the goggle like peanut butter and jelly, but there are a few things that are not super-awesome. First off, the first impressions were whoa this things gigantic. I got a medium, and it looks like a giant bowling ball with a brim when I don't wear my goggles, my jacket, and neck gaiter with it. But whatever, the only time anybody's gonna know it's me behind my goggles is on the gondola. Another thing was the earpads. They didn't seem to be very well-made, and kind of curved out from my ears instead of cupping around them. The only time this really bothered me was when I would make a line down a groomer, but it wasn't that bad. I'll still use the helmet, but I'll keep my eye out for maybe a bern hardhat with a lower profile. For my first helmet, it's good.

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I am contemplating buying this board. I am in that middle zone where I am too heavy, tall, and advanced for a kid's board, but adult boards are just too dang big for me to mix it up in the park. I am advanced enough to carve an adult board, but I want something I can use all over the place and still be in complete control. I am 115 lbs and 5'8-9" and I am thinking about the 148. If this isn't the board for me, could anybody recommend an all mountain semidirectional or functioanl twintip for me?

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