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I really wanted to keep this jacket but 3 things ruined it for me.

What I liked:
- Lots of features
- Lots of pockets
- Durable fabric (i ordered the black twill denim)
- Hidden pass pocket
- Audio loop in addition to the audio hole

What I disliked:
- The hood feels cheap compared to the rest of the jacket
- When zipped up there's still a ton of space in between my neck/face and the jacket neck itself. So much so that it looks a bit awkward when the hood is inside the collar.
- The fit. This is a REALLY tailored fit.. like a suit should be worn not a snowboard jacket. If you plan to layer with it as I wanted to it's nearly impossible unless you size up. If you did size up though the collar would be huge and silly looking.


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Bought the 156 and was able to fit a 156 K2 Ray-gun board with bindings attached, a holt helmet, EG2 goggle case, 2 size 10 boots, a shell jacket, an insulated jacket (that doesn't pack very well), dakine gloves, a small 11" x 5" bag with tools, insulated pants, and a couple beanies with a little bit of planning but not much effort.

On the downside, it doesn't have wheels so carrying all that on a strap is a pain. The other drawback for me is the clasps for the shoulder strap are all a hard plastic which doesn't feel cheap but makes me think it won't last very long given the weight i'm subjecting it to.

Overall for ~$60 - $70 depending on the sale it's a great option and I recommend it as long as you're ok with the possibility of having to replace the shoulder strap clasps in a couple years.


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I bought this lock after doing a decent amount of research and so far so good. I've been boarding 6 times this season and it works every time. The lock itself is actually really close to the size of the picture which is much smaller than expected and definitely a good thing. Setting the combination is fairly simple and once you learn how is easy to rinse and repeat.

The only complaints about this lock is the wire is a little on the short side due to the compact design. When I go up on the mountain I typically roll with at least 2 people and this can only lock 2 boards at the most to a rack. Even then it takes some creative placement to be able to pull off. Also, it can only be locked while the combination is selected so if someone REALLY pays attention to you locking it they could remember the combo while you're locking it up.

That being said it's still the best lock that I could find that is long enough to lock 2 boards and still fits in any jacket or pant pocket and I highly recommend it.