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I purchased a kid's airhole for both my 2 year old boy and my 8 year old girl.

These are much cleaner and easier to wear than the bulky neck-up my daughter was using. With the breathe-hole, she keeps it up and it doesn't bother her or fog goggles.

With my boy, we just roll it over and keep it down around his cheeks and chin.

These work well up, down, around the ears etc. The low profile allows them to be pulled up over the back of the head under a helmet comfortably.

I like the light version for kids. If it were cold enough for the heavier versions, they would be complaining about cold feet and other parts of the body whether there face was warm or not. This version is perfect for my kids.

Great for kids who don't want to feel too confined. Lots of options on how to wear it. Thumbs up.


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Rad little goggles that appear to be well built. Double lens, soft foam etc. Bought for my 2 1/2 year old. Although they are probably built for someone a little bigger, they fit him well and stay put. They are nicer than the few pairs of kids goggles that we have experience with.

I like them very much and I may purchase another pair for my daughter who is older.


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Nice beanie. Gave it to my wife for Christmas.

It has a nice knitted texture and I like the looks of it on my wife.

Note that the inside is black and white striped. No problem here; but, know that the white from the inside does show through the knit holes. I would probably prefer it if it were all black without white showing through.

All in all, a nice good looking slouchy beanie with a cool knit pattern.


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I have many Arcade belts including the very first "Standard" model. These belts changed my life because I have no butt and finally found a supportive stretchy belt that keeps my britches up. Buy several and enjoy. Ski pants, work pants, casual pants ...you should have a few.

I have purchased many and given many away as gifts. I never thought a belt could be so cool; but, a belt that works for butt-less people and feels comfy is cool.

This rounded buckle is the best and easiest to feed. I think Arcade finally got it right with buckle styles that function and feed through loops well.

As for style, the red plaid is cool. This Atwood Red Buffalo checkered belt is my favorite Arcade belt so far.


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ME: 5'11" 185 34" waist. I tried both large and medium - both worked. Medium is maxed out on waist. Large worked when the velcro tabs were pulled tight. I have so many baggy pants from years past that I kept the more modern fitting medium as the large was a bit more loose. In either size, not too tight, not too baggy.

leg vents, zippered pockets, thigh pocket, velcro in addition to the button waist closure ...all the basic features covered. Price seems reasonable.


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These pants are my absolute favorite things right now. I wear them every day and my wife hates when I wear something every day. But, she does like these.

These are stretchy. Look like you're dressed for the day, feel like you're wearing sweats or PJ's. Pair these babies up with a stretchy arcade belt and boom! ...comfort overload.

I'm 5'11" and about 185lbs right now. normally were a 34. 34 in these feels true to size. Definitely "slim" but not too skinny.

I love them and I'm going to get some more.


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If you just want to shoot footage to watch and relive moments ...go with the silver. If you are into editing and making films ...go with the black. The black has several more resolution options and features that make it more versatile when creating edited content.

comparison chart:

The GoPro app is awesome and allows one to instantly view what is on their GoPro without removing the card.

Also, thumbs up for the remote.

The only reason for not getting 5 stars is that when not using app or remote, you still go through the process of " dude ...is it on? dude ...is it in camera mode?" ...etc.

Quality is amazing. For reviews stating otherwise, I would be suspect of a bad unit or an incorrect setting. The quality is really really good.