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Fantastic bag! I have some of the Dakine luggage in the Flourish print already, so this is the third piece in this collection that I own now.

I have two boards that are both 149, so this bag works well with some extra room to spare for added gear. I was able to fit BOTH boards in the bag with their BINDINGS ON, which is something that I wasn't sure would be possible. To do this, one board had to go on the bottom with the bindings up, while the other board had to lay on top of it with the bindings down. It helps if your bindings are staggered a bit, and since my boards are shorter than the bag, I was able to easily accomplish this.

With the two boards in the bag with bindings on, the boots may not fit in the designated boot compartments. However, you could still fit plenty of other gear, such as gloves, base layers, pants, etc. Check out the attached image. I have the following in the bag for a 5-day trip:
- Boots
- 2 pairs gloves
- 3 pairs socks
- 2 pairs snowboard pants
- 1 helmet
- 2 fleece tops
- 3 base-layer tops
- 3 base-layer pants
(I opted to leave my jacket out, as well as goggles so they don't get smooshed.)

You could easily fit all of your gear in here without strategic packing if you just have one board in the bag, or even if you have two boards in there, but take the bindings off of one board.

Like all Dakine luggage, the quality is stellar and comes with a lifetime warranty (as opposed to Burton bags, which only have a 1 year warranty). The bag has carrying handles on each end, and easy rolling wheels to help you schlep your gear around.

The only thing the bag is missing is a shoulder strap, which would help in those instances where you can't roll your bag (think walking in snow). All in all, this is a terrific bag, and it is a great way to transport and store your gear. If you ride a longer board, or if you want more room in your bag, look at the men's version of this same bag, which comes in longer lengths.

I think my boyfriend's statement when I loaded up the bag with my gear summarizes it best: "Hey, your board bag is better than mine now!"

Fantastic Bag - fit 2 boards with bindings


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I bought this in the Flourish color and used it on a trip to the east coast. This thing has a lot of internal space! I used it as a carry-on and it held my laptop, kindle fire, all my electronics (laptop charger, mouse, blackberry and charger, droid), as well as my purse and a sweater, and a very stuffed cosmetics bag. I still had room for more. The best part was that it fit easily under the airplane seat. I was on the aisle, and the room under the seat in front is narrower than what is provided in the middle and window seats. This bag is narrow enough and short enough to sit upright under the seat, allowing for easy access to the content of my bag during the flight.

The other reviewer commented that they didn't think the bag was sturdy enough. I have to disagree. It seemed plenty sturdy to me and I had no issues with the handles or the over-shoulder strap. With repeated use, it may start to break down, but I'm honestly not concerned (and I tend to be hard on my luggage!)

I just purchased the Dakine Over-Under Carry-on in the same colorway, and the satchel slides nicely over the handle of that bag, allowing you to roll the whole kit. The only funny thing is that the satchel is a bit wider than the carry-on, so when it sits on top of the carry-on roller, it looks a little out of whack.

Because I am using this for work travel, I went with the Flourish color (it's a bit more conservative) and with both the matching satchel and the carry-on roller, I look like a seasoned, well put-together traveler.


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I normally take a medium in women's Burton gloves, so ordered a medium in these and they seem a little bit big. They are cute, but don't seem very insulated. I am undecided on whether or not these will be going back. They would be a bit too warm for spring conditions, and probably not warm enough for cold winter conditions. The jury is still out on these. They look pretty cute, but I'm just not sure that they'll hold up to the job.


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I keep coming back to this style of Burton gloves after many years of riding. These gloves are pricey but are a good investment and will last several seasons. The interior liner gloves are SO WARM. Remove the liners when the conditions are warmer and you'll be good to go.


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These pants kept me nice and toasty on a recent Mammoth trip when the winds were blowing and the snow was falling. I wore a light layer underneath and my legs stayed warm all day long. My only complaint is that these pants have more of a low-rise fit than what I am accustomed to riding in. I had to hitch them back up every time I adjusted my bindings. The sides of the pants have Velcro fasteners that allow you to cinch in the waist, but even on the tightest setting, I felt like they were slipping off of my hips. I'm hoping that wearing a belt will resolve this issue. All in all, great-looking pants that you'll keep you warm on the hill in all temps. Just don't forget to wear a belt! For those of you that are unsure about what size to get, just know that these pants are slim fitting. I have these in the Lake Blue color, size medium. I am 5'5" and weigh 140 lbs, with a 28" waist. Oh, and the pants do have side-zips at the bottom of the pant that allow you to get your boots on and off easily.


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I demoed this board up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Mt. Hood Oregon this past summer. It was my first time really hitting the park and trying out jumps and features. This board is a blast! It is really hard to catch an edge on this board. It's super light, easy to maneuver, and fun to jib around on. I would definitely consider this board if you want to get into park riding. I only gave it 4 stars because I am not sure how quickly someone would "outgrow" this board and want something different. But it's a great board for park riding, if that is all you're looking to do. I'm used to all-mountain boards, and this one had a bit of chatter at higher speeds. However, if you're sticking to the park, then you won't encounter that.