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I was worried when i ordered this board. Having been on a TRS BTX for the past 2.5 seasons I thoguht it might be too soft, alas, i was wrong. So playfull and buttery, still great pop, and still great at speed (though you do need to be a bit more agressive).

The good...
great all around board... Im by no means a park rat, infact i love big mountain/powder/trees more than anything. And this board is great! I am riding the 159w, wich is a bit more than i'd prob need, being 6'1"/200lb/10.5, but that size means i can carve, ride powder, burn down the goomers, and then head to the park all without changing my setup one bit!

The bad...
the lack of a all-encompasing rail is bullshit. check out the pic if you dont believe me... thats what happend to my old trs on a low-speed toeside turn. a full rail would have probably saved it. and this skatebanana has the same shortcomming. All in all a great board, awsome performane, I'd reccomend to anyone, but libtech, if u can hear me... PUT A RAIL RIGHT AROUND THE GODDAM BOARD! METAL IS STRONGER THAN PLASTIC!

The ugly...
me, cause i aint got no alabi.

well thats my rant done. bottom line, buy this board. its fun with a capital awsome.

i am in love.