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I bought the Talon helmet first thinking it would fit better over a beanie and goggles. Man was i wrong.....the Talon was huge and looked ridiculous. The Blitz is exactly what I was looking for and the fit couldn't be better (although i'm sure it could improve w/ the BOA system found on some of Anon's other helmets). If you are looking for a helmet that's versatile to wear solo w/ the earpads, or w/o and rock the beanie and goggles underneath, this thing does it all w/ style. Couldn't be happier.


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Look, i read Kevin's review before purchasing but thought maybe his head is small and just didn't work w/ this helmet. Well, I just got it and put it right back in the box for return.

The features are just what i was looking for, goggle and beanie fit comfortably under the helmet (prob the best i've found so far). But Anon really sacrificed the design/look to get me those features. This helmet is borderline laughable when worn cause it's so large. It immediately reminded me of one of my favorite movies growing up....pic attached.

If you have a chance to visit a local shop and try it on first before buying cheaper online, do it just to make sure it works for you. But man, this thing is ridiculously shaped and doesn't work for me. BTW, i'm around 6ft 180lbs and wear a fitted cap 7 3/8 so i don't think i'm too out of the ordinary.

Dark Helmet from Spaceballs


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These bindings are ridiculous....never had so much control and comfort at the same time. The ankle straps cushion like nothing else and the toe straps are genius. I've had burtons (mission, cartel, customs), drake podiums w/ the carbon highback, and currently also ride a forum shaka on my other park board.....These take the cake (although the shaka's are damn good bindings too). Like others have said, if you spend a few minutes setting everything up properly, these bindings will give your feet much needed love.