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To be honest I havent ridden a vapor in quite a few years, and I just got off the '11 159 from the burton demo. Wow have they done quite an excellent job on this deck. It is a powerhouse of a ride that will eat up whatever you throw at it and spit it back out. It had a huge amount of pop that was still predictable even on the larger jumps. It held an edge like a race board and was able to bash through even the cruddies of runs. And it was hands down the best pipe deck ive ever been on.

There are two tragic flaws to this almost perfect deck, you will not be able to do a nose press (but who needs to when your riding main park at Mammoth), and secondly it works you, after only a few hours of riding the vapor I felt like i just ran a marathon, but maybe it was because I was having too much fun.


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Rode the method 162 (I normally ride a 159) at the burton demo at mammoth today. It is very light but besides that it is lack luster. The pop is a little squirly, the edge hold leaves a little to be desired as well. That being said, you can ride a longer length and it feels a whole lot shorter, I have never been able to throw around such a long deck with such ease. And the base on this deck is FAST!

Conclusion, it is by no means the best board out on the market, I expected much more with the price tag.


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Just got back from the Burton demo. This was hands down my least favorite board in their line. It is a perfect example of a board that they put too much rocker in and didnt do anything to make up for the loss of stability. Hitting even medium sized jumps was super sketchy, the nose was always folding and I could tell it was on the verge of breaking. It had a really hard holding an edge on anything firmer and in choppy conditions it bounced you around so much.

The only place I would want this board is about 3ft in front of a rail...


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Where to begin? I borrowed my buddies '11 159 pusher for a weekend trip to Mammoth, and I dont want to give it back to him. It held an edge like a beast! The pop was massive yet still very predictable. On top of that it was still playful enough to spin tricks off the nose and butter around the mountain.

If you are looking for a park/booter/all-mountain slayer, this is the deck, it is a little on the stiff side for a stand alone jib deck, but it is still easy enough to press out because of the rocker.