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I wouldn't wear these while riding, I could easily see them falling off if you bail. Also there's no volume control so you'll have to park them around your neck or dig out your ipod if you need to hear something other than your tunes.

Other than that though I've been pretty impressed with the lowriders - decent sound quality for the price, and I love that they collapse and fold up for storage in a backpack or pocket. They're pretty comfy to wear but after a couple of hours straight they start to hurt my ears a little because they sit right on the ear, but that's to be expected of any headphone that's not "over the ear" style.

Overall, pretty sweet 'phones.


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Not impressed with these earbuds at all.

There's almost zero bass coming through these headphones, it's an all-treble experience. The volume control slide has almost no resistance to it and moves up and down if you look at it the wrong way. I actually turned it to loud and wrapped it in duct tape to stop it from moving around while riding.

They come with 3 sizes of removable inserts, and maybe it's just me but none of them seem to fit very well. The large ones stretch out my ears and are super uncomfortable while the 2 smaller sizes won't stay in my ears. Also the rubber inserts make this popping sound whenever I move the earbud around in my ear which is irritating and super loud to the point of causing pain in the inner ear.

I suggest you save yourself the $20 and buy a better quality earbud if you want clean sound and comfort, because the smokin' buds offer neither. Mine have already hit the trash can.


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From my experience Dakine makes a great backpack and the Terminal is no exception. Bought mine for school and it's got all the necessities - lots of room for books and laptop in the main compartment, and enough outside pockets to hold all your extra gear like pens, shades, keys, water bottle, ipod, etc. Great purchase, two thumbs up.