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5 5

I've had these boots for a couple of years running now, and despite trying other brands when It's time to get new ones, I keep coming back to these.

Whats Good:
-Fit is true to Size.
-Ankle hold is great
-Air bags work! Boot is very cush
-Very compact footprint.

What's bad:
-The speedlaces still get a little tangled up when you let them do their thing, but Because of the fit and lockdown, I can take the trade off.

- I'd also rather have a velcro tongue straightener like on the teams rather than that strappy thing, it doesnt seem to do much to adjust boot flex and is one more thing to get out of the way.

What's better than previous years:
-Overall build quality feels better.
-TLS seems to lock more securely than previous years, and the liner really feels great when you cinch it up.

IMO, Flex is probably a 7/10 without the stiffeners. Id say the stiffest boot I've tried lately is the blauvelt. I'd call that a 9. I

I think this boot fits someone with an narrower ankle and a normal width foot. My friend who has flippers for feet said this boot was "obviously designed for a different person" and preferred DC, which are wider.

These don't usually pack out much.. I made the mistake of going a half size too small and lost two big toenails for my troubles. We'll see if the new liner makes a difference this year.


4 5

I tried these on and gave them a spin around the living room.
Very nice boot. They've got their act together. Lacing was smooth, heel hold with the boa system really works, and the liners were cozy. Boot is light.
Ultimately there were two reasons I decided to return these boots though:
This boot is DEFINITELY not an 8/10. I'd say more like a 6. I was really surprised at how much give it had. Way softer than the nitro selects I used to own and softer than the teams I tried as well.
The toe box aslo felt a little narrower, I think this is more of a personal thing.
If you want a really light, comfy boot with great ankle support and hold, and you are looking for more of a medium flexing boot, I'd definitely put these at the front of the pack.. There's a reason they sell out every year after all.


5 5

I've tried out a bataleon jam and a travis rice BTX, and I think this one's my favorite. The flex is probably a true 7/10: it's fun to do butters and wheelies, but it has enough power in the tail to cut through choppy crud and won't get pushed around in soft snow.
It's stable at speed, which I was a little worried about- it looks like it has a pretty short effective edge so I was afraid that it might not really be able to lay a carve -not a problem.
The mellow sidecut in the nose makes it easy to land switch, but it also means that it's pretty slow to turn going backwards.
Oh I'm 5'10 185, and if I had to buy one board it would be the 160, but Since I got a bro deal, I snagged a 57 for playing around and a 63 for the snow days ;)


5 5

I could tell this boot has alot going for it the minute I went to put it on. There's alot of attention to detail in the lacing system and especially the liner. With the Removable stiffeners taken out, I'd say the boot is pretty stiff, like a 6 to stiff (8) with them in. The heel hold down is phenomenal. I tried them on, and they're at least a half a size too big, so I couldn't get them to tighten enough. My heel was lifting, but then I threw them in my bindings and it seemed like the ankle strap pushed my heel into the heelcup, and it was locked in tight, way better than my current boot which fits me. I'm going to send these back and probably try out the celsius boot because I'm curious, but I wouldn't be surprised if I went back to this boot. They set the bar pretty high.