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yes, the fabric is relatively thin, but that's the only flaw in this jacket. I've ridden in it pretty hard (glades, rocks, etc) for over 50 days and it hasn't ripped, yet.

The plexus "pinnacle" an excellent shell that fits in perfectly with most california mtn weather. Love the Boa in the hood, big pit zips, powder skirt and the minimalistic pockets (no flaps to ice up). 20/15K doesn't come by often in a shell. It's also a great looking jacket with a cool lettered print.

Only thing I would criticize it for is the "tailored fit". It's actually very roomy in the arms and chest (allows for plenty of layering), but the bottom hem only drops just below the belt - doesn't cover the crotch or rear end areas like a relaxed/baggy fit would.


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Tried them all, but kept the the Rogue because they fit my medium face best. The optics are excellent and rival any of the top brands. The peripheral vision is also very good...and only where you really need it (the sides).

I bought the version that includes the bonus yellow/blue ion lens. Dragon's website says they're only 35-45% virtual light transmission, so I was worried they'd be too dark for overcast/shadowed or storming conditions. However, the pamphlet that came with the goggles claims these lenses are actually 60-70% VLT. I think the website is wrong because I used them in a heavy snow storm and they weren't even close to being too dark.

The Red ion lens worked great in super bright sunny conditions. I didn't find myself squinting, at all....plus, they look great and are ultra reflective.


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Great looking goggle, super lens and incredible peripheral vision...but, mine had a poor glue job on the nose area of the face foam. The box also arrived unclosed. The goggles were bulging out, the bag on the bonus lens was already opened and the protective film was half peeled back. QC needs a little work.

...however, they worked great on the mtn. The "jet" version ($159) comes with a bonus yellow/blue mirrored lens for low light that worked great in heavily snowing/cold conditions. The vision was HD and they didn't fog at all. The red ion mirror (other included lens) was perfect in bright sunny/bluebird conditions. The mirroring on the red lens is super opaque, so no one can see your eyes.

For those who complain about the "halo" effect created by the ion mirror, don't worry about it. Seems to me that halo actually increases snow definition, so if you aren't staring at your hand all day, you won't even notice the halo when actually riding.