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Like others mine started leaking at the quick disconnect in less than 2 weeks. Nothing like taking a change of clothes out of the pack only to have them soaking wet and stained from a sports drink. It tooks several emails and 2 weeks before any a Camelbak finally got back to me and they said to send it in - at my expense. Well, that was two weeks ago and I haven't heard back from them yet; I'll be surprised if I do.

Anyways, the Antidote design is a good idea, but Camelbak has not executed it well. If I ever get mine back from them, it'll sit in a closet while I try to find one of the older, reliable bladders instead.


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Love 'em. Do wish they had 1/2 sizes, but even so they are the absolute best gloves I've ever owned.

Update 04/11: Unfortunately I had to downgrade my rating on these. The gloves are still great, but after about 4-months the photo shows what mine look like. I had to tape up the holes in the fingers - and these are not seam tears, they're holes where the leather has worn through.

Snowboarders BEWARE - these are not binding friendly. I ride about 80-days a season and the outer shell has not held up to getting in and out of my bindings (they've lasted maybe 50-days).

My hands still stay way warmer than in any other glove I've owned and they've lasted as long (if not longer) than any other, but for the price I was hoping to make it through the whole season. Crazy, but I'm still going to continue to use them because they function so well.


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Great boot.
The boot is not as stiff as the T1, but still on the high-end. Very comfortable, although the stock footbed is a little hard, so replace it. Put your foot in, couple of twists and you're on the hill -- who could ask for more.

On the hill, response is great in the backcountry powder and the resort groomers.


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Loved the boots -- off the groomers -- phenomenal in the powder. The response was the best, but beware, because of the stiffness, they love going fast. Sadly, after using them on the hill for a week, they were way too stiff for me and I ended up returning them. With going 60+ days a year I needed something for the days I spend entirely in the resort boundaries.

If you're looking for an ultra-stiff, max-response boot, these are definitely the best.


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Got last years model and they are the SHIT!!! alright -- didn't even get 30-days in before they just started falling apart. I average 60-days a year and used Burton Freestyles for 3-years before 'upgrading' to these - what a mistake.

* All the fabric has disintegrated -- on the leanbacks and ankle straps
* The foam on the baseplate is all peeling and lifting
* The toeramps won't stay
* The ankle straps are shredded; I have them held together with electrical tape.
* The ratchets mad-stick.

And the support is lacking (to say the least). Sent an email for warranty, even included pictures. Got a quick response, but ultimately it was 4-weeks before I got PARTS; ankle and toe straps, ratchets and toes ramps. So now I get to put them together -- what crap!!!