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I am a huge Oakley fan. I own 5 pairs of their sunglasses so I was pretty excited to get some snow goggles. I bought the Neon Orange with the Fire lens and it looks awesome, the optics though were disappointing. I found that the fire lens is too dark for anything except the very brightest of days and even though the lens is huge, with all the padding on the inside, the range of view was actually pretty small. I also have a deviated septum, so I was hoping that the increased nose area would help, but it didn't for my case. On top of that, there is a seem in the polycarbonate lens close to the left eye that can be noticed every now and then. I ended up buying some Smith Phenom goggles for low light situations and I found that they have a bigger range of view, the nose region is infinitely better for someone who has a big nose or nasal problems like me and overall just more comfortable. As much as it hurts for me to say it, I cannot recommend this Oakley product to any of my friends. I would say that you should get this if your whole reason for getting goggles is for style, cause that is really the only thing I can say was good about these.