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VANS has produced some amazing ROWLEY shoes on the past; and I've skated them religiously due to their vegan attributes, amazing durability and style.

Unfortunately, the SPV misses the mark in quite a few places.

Yeah, they look cool...and the all black/tuff-tech ones have a gnarly "I stole my dad's office shoes" trip going on, but the down side is that they are even more flimsy than a pair of AUTHENTICS. I walked into the skate park, stepped on a pebble (no sh*t) and...it actually HURT. Board feel, definitely, but land primo and you're done, son.

SO... if you MUST jump on the slim shoe wagon, do yourself a favor and save 20 bucks: spring for a pair of ERAs. Your feet will thank you, the shoes will last longer, and in 10 years you won't be one of those chumps asking "what the hell were we thinking???" (Anyone who experienced small wheels and BONITE boards will attest to this kind of shame.)


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NIXON always has me stoked on their attention to detail. Whether it's returning your watch from their repair shop with a handful of stickers and BAZOOKA bubblegum, or just hiding clever little slogans on the backs of their watches and inside hem of their t-shirts. They rock with serious style, humor, and quality. This backpack is no exception. Tons o' pockets, including a removable "wallet" with ID window, credit card sleeves, etc. Two removable side bags; one conspicuously sized to fit an iPOD nano, and the other the size of a 30/60 GB, and with a velcro clip for your belt. Further, the dual-size laptop sleeve in the back is pretty handy...as is the roomy interior and skateboard holding strap. All in all, whether you're a student, a traveling minstrel, skate rat on the move, or just dig groovy plaid sickness and sturdily constructed goods...you might do well to GET THIS BACKPACK ! ! !


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This is an awesome windbreaker that I am rocking as my primary jacket at the moment. It runs pretty true to size (unlike some Volcom stuff that runs a bit small) and as usual, the style rocks. Even comes with a little silver ball game in the form of a VOLCOM stone. Details, baby.