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These are super tall and will look silly on a regular vehicle (my Jeep Cherokee, for example). Only for really domed rooftops. I was not able to find an easy way to remove the extensions, contrary to another review here. It would require cutting parts and replacing w/ new bolts b/c it's current anti-theft construction is riveted and doesn't allow for that.


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Pretty standard flip flop. I like the print. but the straps that go around your foot are quite large. Too big for my skinny feet and don't stay on well. Would be good if you have a FAT foot or really like that flip-flop noise when you're walking around cuse they'll be whacking your heels with the extra room.


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FYI This hat is real pointy above the logo on the front of the hat. Also the underside of the brim and plastic snapback are bright yellow. Kinda like Pittsburgh Pirates colors (on the black one at least). Didn't realize based on the pictures and just wanted to point that out.


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These mitts rule, my 3rd pair. And for the price, wow. They are waterproof, and very warm. However, in warmer conditions they aren't unbearable, gore-tex to the rescue! Even if you do get cold they have zippers on them for inserting heat packs, and inside one of them there is even a goggle wiping cloth. If that isn't enough, they also have a soft nose wiping material the right thumb and a goggle squeegee on the left thumb. And to top it off they come with mitten style liners for extra warmth; but they're great for hiking or real warm temps too! So, to sum it up these are awesome for the price. Besides, you know you're going to stink 'em up eventually and need to buy new ones, so you don't need expensive ones.

The other review that mentions their quality might be partially true. I had the drawstring come out of one once, but warrantied it. Otherwise, they're pretty tough. I didn't bump any ski chairs, but I operated my snow blower, shoveled snow, and skied in them for 100+ days combined.