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I just want to start out by saying that I really like this board. I have the size 155 in blue. I got an amazing deal on it on ebay so I bought it. But after I bought it I was afraid I may have bought a crapstick due to a lot of sketchy reviews I read about it on different sites. I was kind of left hoping for the best but I'm actually really happy I got it.I went snowboarding for the first time last month using a bunch of borrowed gear, I wasn't sure what to expect but I picked it up pretty quickly. I did fall a bunch but I managed to spend most of my day on blues. I was using an old burton custom (size 152) from almost 10 years ago, with old bindings and old boots. I loved it so much that I invested in my own gear.I was kinda thinking it would help too because I'm 5'9" and I weigh 165 lbs so the board I was using was too small for me, and I could tell. It would get really squirrely and chattery at higher speeds and it never really felt stable.So like I said, I found this board for dirt cheap on ebay, couldn't miss out on the deal, but ended up being nervous. I used it this past weekendwith size 11.5 burton ruler boots and pair of burton cartels, and this thing was awesome. So many sites I went on had reviews saying this thing was a death trap, or that it was no fun to ride. I remember one site even mentioning that this wasn't a beginners board, and that its only for experienced riders that want a board to take off big kickers, but I really like it, and although I think that I picked up snowboarding a lot better than some people do, I am by no means a seasoned boarder.But that's just my 2 cents. I'm super comfortable on this thing, maybe it's just that I was using a board that wasn't properly sized for me the first time around. But don't get it twisted, there is a little bit of skepticism about this board on some reviews sites, it scared me into thinking I made a bad purchase, but I couldn't be happier. This thing is nice.