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I was looking for a casual day job style jacket that would be unique on the mt. but not in a flashy "hey look at me I'm a gangsta/ happy clown" style. I like the length of the jacket and it's light weight.

it doesn't have that much features to it. just an all around pocket and a cell/ music/ cash pocket but that's all right for my needs. every button on this jacket has a Velcro to it so you don't have to worry about actually getting the buttons closed. you can simply attach the Velcro and it's done.

overall good value for buck


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I got to these pants after my Analog gravel got ripped. I was using it only for about 20 days and it just gave up with no real abuse by me.
now.. I really like the jeans pattern on a snowboard pant so I decided I want to explore that world a little more.
I found out about the 686 denim print and decided to give it a shot.
First of all, when you touch it, it feels heavier and more solid than the Analog pant. the material feels strong an durable unlike the analog nylon shell feel. the print itself looks worse than the gravel but I rather have a solid thick worm pant that won't rip then a paper thin good looking one.