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These are my 2nd set of boots, I'll keep this simple. I had 32 BOA's before, which have problems with the tongue staying straight and the wires staying tight (or breaking).

I went with the mint because I was impressed with the speed zone lacing. However, this is the only good thing on these boots.

The boots have minimal flex and the liner is not attached so if your heels not tight then when your trying to do manuals or tricks your heels movin but not your board & binding.

They R COLD!!! minimal fur and extra cushion.

I'd compare these to a low end honda civic, if you ride alot or are beyond a beginner level I wouldn't recommend them.


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I bought this board without even demoing it. I was alittle nervos at first but after the last week of riding it non-stop. I'm pretty impressed. Its got the perfect amount of flex for bombing thru mass's of fresh pow, its got pop for jumps and tricks, handles like a star on the rails and isn't to bad in the trees.

I figured this would be primarily a park board, but its been an all mtn super star with an extra star in the park.

One word of caution, if you board in icy conditions alot, it might not do "as well" but its still pretty good. No one does amazing on ice, well except the magna trac.