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...he'd have his own boot, and I'd own a pair. That said, they'd probably share many of the features of the Nike Zoom Ites.

Conventional lacing on the shell is helped a lot by these little guys that lock in the lacing. I have no issues getting the desired amount of snugness here.

Liner lacing and speed strap around the top of the liner are easy and fast and super secure. The heel lock works like a charm, and the liner is super comfy but still secure and responsive--read: not too squishy.

I'm only getting mid flex with no stiffeners, so I don't tie as snug for park feel (the heel lock keeps my feet securely in the cabin). The stiffeners do seem to change the flex and help on the point-it pow or speed days. I'm getting great response from the boot.

The boot is versatile, but it might not be soft enough for the park rat needing the squishiest flex nor stiff enough for the billy goat chute charger. Still, it suits my needs and I ride all over in all conditions. It is certainly one of the stiffer boots I've had with the blue guys in and plenty stiff for my riding style on the steeps.


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I had the previous version of the Fix and these are slightly better AND slightly worse.

1) The audio quality is slightly better, but it is likely due to the different in-ear design (with the plug type buds):

"Silicone gel buds in two sized give you a perfect fit to seal out sound"
"Rear acoustic ports dump deep bass into your ears"

2) The Fix part that keeps the bud in your ear is slightly worse and this is probably due to the new design. These are not as secure as the previous version.

Overall, it's a wash and I got what I paid for: ~$35