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These are great minimalist shoes, fit true to size, have a zero heel to toe drop and minimal cushioning. The vibram rubber soles are awesome. A big upside is that they look great, unlike the stupid looking vibram five-finger shoes.

They are pretty comfy w/o socks, but you'll want to have socks on with any runs that are 5-6mi and up (my feet started to blister a little after that). Also, beware that these shoes take awhile to adjust to if you aren't running in minimalist shoes already. I've been in the adjustment phase for 3-4 months now, and still occasionally feel calf tightness/achiles and posterior tibialis tendon aches.

If you are just starting to transition to minimalist shoes, I'd say if you go for these then rotate them into your running routine once or twice a week for short runs to start, and then build up. Other minimalist shoes that have a little more cushioning or a slightly heel-toe drop may work well also.


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First lets be clear .... a pair of $60 socks is a ridiculous notion. With that out of the way these are actually great for reducing calf cramps/tightness and soreness. I found this really helpful when making the switch to minimalist running shoes and forefoot running.

Also, fit is really important with these. So be sure to measure your half with a tape measure and follow the fit guide


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These goggles are really freakin cool looking. They're definitely a bit on the expensive side, but are a truly quality piece of equipment. You get a really wide angle of vision, and very clear and fog resistant lenses. These fit seamlessly with POC helmets, which keeps the wind completely out, and makes a difference on those cold windy days.

One important thing I would note is that the black lenses are VERY tinted and are only good for blue bird days. You'll want to get another set of lenses with higher VLT rating for most skiing days.