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I thought these were the ones Torstein Horgmo sported on the mountain so I tried them out for snowboarding. They don't fit close enough to my head and they don't feel snug as anticipated. Also they don't get loud enough to boom through my beanie. Thankfully Dogfunk is letting me send them back to exchange for the ICON 3's. Hoping for a better sound and feel with those.


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I mean, they're sick and sound great. They look fresh. But... The whole concept selling point of the fix is that they don't fall out of your ears and the mic3. 1) they still fell out of my ears while snowboarding just like any earbud and 2) the whole reason I wanted earbuds with a mic3 is so I could listen to music on my older generation iPod (so I don't have to risk breaking my iPhone 5 and drain the battery) and have the ability to easily pause it so I could talk to friends. But the mic control is not functional with older generation iPods. Also, even with my iPhone 5, I'm supposed to get track control with my mic3 and I can't figure out how, it seems no different than a mic1 to me.


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I got to use these gloves for the first time on a warm day at Northstar Tahoe. They were warm and fuzzy on my hands and they were a huge step up in warmth and dryness from the pipe gloves I tried to wear through the whole season last year. However, by the end of the day I felt them getting a little damp and soggy on the inside. I'm a little worried about colder weather and riding several days in a row. We'll see. And my hand slipped off my grab on a few big airs which I'm blaming on the grip of the gloves but its probably really because I'm fat and inflexible lol


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I got these because they were cheap and I wanted them to stay on while I snowboard. The sound is decent and they stay on, but they still feel slightly awkward in my ears. They get the job done on a low budget. But as soon as I get some extra cash I'm going with the SkullCandy Fix Earbuds with a mic

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