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In brief: Cozy and cool for light, casual use. Expect cold wet feet for anything remotely beyond that.

I got these boots to wear around town, walking to/from work and short hikes in the snow, rain and cold. For those purposes, they are fine and I do love the look. But calling these boots waterproof is absurd. The exposed foam soles and ankles soak up moisture and funnel it into the boot when flexed. On a recent hike in very light rain the boots soaked through in about an hour to the point that I had to wring out my socks and the insoles. The boots then completely soaked a change of dry socks in a matter of steps. With each step the foam squished water into the boot. I resigned myself to water-logged feet for the rest of my 2-day trip and wishing I'd worn my goretex trail runners instead.


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First, this watch does NOT have a chronograph or an alarm. Second, the watch face is ridiculously enormous given that it displays only time or date info. Third, you have to press a button on the watch to see the time. I got this for running, backpacking and swimming, and these three problems make it essentially useless for me. The watch did seem to be of high quality and the band was very comfortable. Wish it were a bit different.