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I love the combination of camber and flex that this board offers. The flat spot between the feet forms a long platform where there are a lot of ways to make it balance out, with a little rocker at the tip and tail to make presses easy and really float you through the powder.

This was my first board that used a new-age sidecut like the "QuickRip", and it takes some getting used to. Sometimes when trying to hold an edge and go straight, I would wind up pushing too hard, and when you engage the ripples they can really bite in and kill your speed. After a few runs I got the touch of it, but overall I don't think that the QuickRip adds anything that much better than a traditional sidecut. I could go either way.

It seems pretty durable so far. To be fair I rode it one day, but I've had pricier boards that were in worse shape after a similar level of abuse. I'm thinking of picking up another one, because all of my decks seem to eventually find that tragic stump/rock in the deep snow.


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This is a pretty nice hat. The fit and length are great for wearing "slouch" style (I have a size 7 3/4 head). The acrylic material handles moisture way better than cotton would, and it feels softer than my other acrylic hats.

The only problem is, the finely-woven acrylic get's snagged and scraggly in a hurry! First time being near velcro, the hat got snagged, pulling a few big ugly loops out of the normal weave. Even when I was being extra careful, I couldn't stop the hat from getting snagged as I put it in my pocket!

I guess if you don't own any velcro this hat would be perfect.


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This jacket isn't game changing, but it's a solid entry into the outerwear category by Neff. Generally I like the Neff style and attitude, and this jacket is true to that pedigree.

This really is a full on snowboarding jacket, with some choice technical features like zip-open venting and a powder skirt with integration system with Neff snowpants. For the price I found the jacket pretty impressive.

Unfortunately the low price comes at the cost of quality materials and construction. With only 5k waterproof rating, and only critical seam taping, this jacket won't keep you dry for too long. In general the material felt "cheap" in my hands.

The fit is long and boxy, which is fine because it's a shell that you can layer under to stay warm.

I wound up returning this jacket, but mostly because I wanted to use the pant/jacket interface and the snowpants I ordered didn't fit.

For the record, Neff's Daily Softshell Jacket has essentially the same features and waterproofing, and it's less expensive. I would recommend the softshell because the materials and construction seem to be of higher quality. (On the other hand, this jacket is much better to layer under than the softshell.)


4 5

I've used these bindings for 3 days of shredding and they've handled it all -- powder, trees, moguls, groomer, even a little jibbing in there.

After beating on a pair of Flow MK4's since 2006 I finally needed an upgrade. Great investment. The flex is forgiving, but there is still good response in these bindings.

For non-Flow users who are thinking of trying the hatch-back style entry: it's a very good system. It will take a few minutes to get the straps set up for your boots, which is a similar process to tightening traditional binding straps. After that initial set-up, though, these bindings are way faster and easier to use! The reclining ankle piece is very intuitive; I can use it with bulky mittens on. You can easily get your foot in or out while standing up (with a little practice you can even do it while moving...major style points)


4 5

I've used this pack for a few days of snowboarding and it is up to the task. Plenty of pockets to keep everything organized, and the slim profile is very nice to ride with. (Never seems bulky; never flops around too much, even when worn without the waist belt or sternum strap.)

The pack is pretty small. I can barely fit my avy shovel handle into the left-side vertical pocket, and the shovel blade can only squeeze into the front zip pocket if the top strap is unclipped. A larger shovel would not fit. Nonetheless, there is enough room for a water bottle, an extra layer, snacks, goggles, etc. The main compartment has 2 dividers that take up a lot of space because they are padded. I guess that's good if you're carrying camera equipment.

One feature I could do without is the back pannel used for horizontal board carry. It's easy to rearrange the strap buckles on the front to accommodate horizontal carry, and the back flap is just another place for snow to accumulate.

One feature that I really like is that the vertical side pockets have double zippers, AND these two zippers have mini clips to hold them together so the pockets don't unzip accidentally. I have never seen this before, but the way the pack flexes on your back it does make those side zippers want to open, so the feature is pretty necessary.

This backpack is not hydration compatible. That seems like a pretty big oversight, considering "backcountry" is in the NAME of the product! Another oversight is that the large buckles can actually come off the straps easily. It's easy to fold the strap over and toss in a couple stitches to hold on the buckle, but still it's a weird/sloppy fault.

I think that it looks pretty sweet. I'm only familiar with one color scheme (black with silver and blue accents) but I really like it. The appearance is quite techy, which is fair because there are a good amount of technical features in this pack. The branding adds to the look without turning you into a billboard.


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Used this tool to put bindings on a snowboard. Worked well.

A few days later, used this tool to put bindings on another snowboard. It broke: I can no longer apply any torque in the counter-clockwise direction. The ratcheting mechanism slips.

Some of the other reviews say that they have had theirs for years without problems, so I am going to get it replaced and see how the second one works out.


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Ok, so I love the idea of these headphones. Easily switch between standard headset or inserts for a helmet...brilliant!

Unfortunately the execution is a little lacking. The headset by itself is rigid and uncomfortable. Also, since my dome is pretty big, I have to extend the arms to get sound in my ears, which RUINS the super-clean look of the headset. (If you extend the arms, the line of the overhead strap is interrupted with a thin strip of metal.) Also, the assembled headphones LOOK like they should fold up really small, but they don't.

The upside is, the speakers sound pretty good, so if you have a compatible helmet then pop these babies in and rock out! (Just don't waste your time with the headset.)


4 5

One thing that is not clear from the description is that there is an adjustable wrist tether. This is such an awesome feature! On the lift, if you take your mittens off, they are impossible to drop. I used to lose a least 1 mitten per season (even with MANY heroic rescue attempts) and haven't lost ANY since I started using wrist tethers. Also it's fun to pretend to drop a mitten and mess with your friends' heads...just sayin'.

The liners don't seem to add much warmth. I don't expect to use them in the mittens very much, but maybe for driving to/from the mountain. That's if I don't lose them...they don't velcro in or anything. (However, even without the liners, the mittens seem warm enough. Mittens are inherently warmer than gloves.)

These mittens seem well made and the materials feel great inside and out. My only problem with the fit/feel is that the partition between the thumb and fingers is too restrictive. It's not like I have webbed hands, but that area is just really tight.

With the wrist strap AND gauntlet drawstring, there are lots of options to keep snow out.


4 5

Would be 5 stars, the only problem is that the toe box is small. The ankle and mid-foot are very spacious and the padding is ample; just the toe region is tight and inflexible. I've never had this problem with Osiris before. You may want to order a half size up; I'm hoping mine will break in to my foot.

Otherwise, these shoes rock! Here are some things I like.

They are actually fairly waterproof; just had them out in heavy rain for about 10 minutes and the inner liner is damp but I'm impressed with how well they shed water. I will def be using these to commute to and from the mountain this winter.

The feel of the shoes is awesome. I don't usually rock high-tops but the ankles feel very comfy...not too tight, but if you start to roll the looseness gets used up and the support is there when you need it. Also the grip is very consistent.

As you can see, the the style is super fresh. The colors rock and I love the big fat tongue. Also they used a nice glossy/vinyl material which looks great up close and far away. The more scuffable areas are a matt material that will not show wear as much, which is a very good design choice.

Overall: Buy them a little big, then impress everyone with your fly and functional sneaker game.


2 5

I have a large face and I rock big sunglasses exclusively. When I saw the boxy style of these shades I had to grab a pair, but buyer beware!

The nose of these sunglasses is too tight, so that if I have them pushed comfortably up on my face they ride too high. This can be fixed by sliding them down my nose slightly, but this moves them farther from my face, which is uncomfortable and there are more gaps in my field of view.

These might fit well if the bridge of your nose is concave or you have a small nose. For me, no go. (For the record, I buy a lot of sunglasses online and I have never had this problem. Damn shame!)


3 5

I picked these kicks up on Whiskey Militia for about $30, hoping that they would help me blend into my corporate slave environment. So far they have accomplished that goal because the ultra clean style gets easily mistaken for boring by the sheep and the drones. So in summary: great success.

I'd say these fit true to size. You might want to order a half size small, but it isn't a big deal.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend skating in them. First of all it would be a shame to scuff these shoes up. Moreover, there is zero padding, and the upper material feels like cardboard. I have not broken them in very well, but I get the feeling that they will be flimsy before too long. They seem like the type of shoe where if you try to slip 'em on and stomp the back of the heel down, it will never be the same again.


5 5

These goggles look mad steezy, but you can tell that from the pictures so I won't harp on about it.

I have ridden 5 days with these and I have zero complaints so far. They have a really good field of vision and no distortion. I have an XL pro-tec classic helmet and these goggles fit very well over that massive bucket...none of the dreaded "gape"!

I have only had problems with fogging when breathing directly up into the vents. (This happens to me with all goggles, and the EG2's are always very quick to de-fog afterwards.)

Also, these goggles are still in brand new condition, whereas most of my equipment tends to get wrecked pretty quickly. After a few faceplants the lenses don't show any scratches.

I'd say these goggles are easily worth the sticker price. I picked them up on whiskey militia for $60, which is downright theft.


3 5

This board performs well all over the mountain. It is light and maneuverable for trashing the park, floats ok in powder, and to my surprise it is stable at high speeds (although for anything too steep or icy the flat camber is too washy).

My only problem with this board is that it has not lasted long. After 3 days on the mountain, I have one core shot the size of a quarter, one edge close to blowing out, and the tip is starting to delaminate. Now the base damage IS my fault (I'm not one to shy away from a powder stash, even if there may be hidden rocks and stumps) but the size of the damage tells me that this stick was not built to withstand much abuse. Also, the delamination is UNACCEPTABLE after only 3 days.

Overall I'd recommend the buckwild for crushing anything in-bounds, but it will not stand up to the streets or backcountry. The combination of pop, camber, and flex make it ideally suited for halfpipes and big jumps, especially when spinning is involved.

((( A note on flat camber: I bought this board short, thinking that a short board plus flat/rocker profile would equal mega-smooth buttery jibbness. At 6/10 the flex is too stiff for such purposes, and I found myself slipping off the end of the board if I attempted any but the most modest of presses. For playful softness I think a traditional camber board which flexes in the middle is a better choice, because a softer reverse camber board gets unstable in a hurry. Now you know! )))